Positive Displacement Pump

Our Positive Displacement Pump has a cavity that can expand on the cavity side. The fluid inside this pump moves by trapping and displacing the volume of liquid out of the cavity. It has a decreasing cavity at the discharging site. Not depending on the impellers, this pump relies on the rotating parts that provide with enough displacement. This pump can provide an outflow of liquids with highest RPM ( rate per minute). Providing a constant flow of liquids, every part of this pump is crafted from the top notch quality of metal and further painted to avoid any degradation. Undergoing a rigorous manufacturing process, this displacement pump has a robust shape and is very light in weight while carrying.

Added features

  • Water, soil, weather and corrosion have zero effect on them
  • The water outflow is very swift from these pumps
  • Any type of leakage do not occur while using them