General Industrial Application ( S SERIES )

General Industrial Applications (S Series) is ideal for handling slurries, viscous, shear sensitive or two or tri phase mixtures or when applications require, significant suction lift capabilities. These pumps are used for a wide variety of pumping and transfer duties. The design of Pump is ideally suited for both low to high flow applications and also allows for the development of multi-stage pumps that increase the pressure handling capabilities. These Pumps are found tough rugged industrial applications handling anything from abrasive slurries, aggressive or reactive chemicals, to viscous liquids, oils, or suspensions and aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures. They are known for their flawless performance, efficiency & trouble-free operation along with long service life features. The Standard General Industrial Applications (S Series) Pump is of Cast Iron construction with liquid touchable parts of alloy steel / stainless steel, depending on the fluids to be handled. Shaft Sealing is ensured by Gland Packing & Mechanical Seal (optional). These pumps are available at highly affordable rates in various sizes and capacity.

Performance Data

  • Capacity Range : 1 m3/ hr to 350m3/ hr
  • Temperature : upto 150°C
  • Pressure : upto 48 Bar
  • Viscosity : upto 1,000,000 cps

* MOC available in wide range as per Application & User's Requirement

Extra qualities of our syno adjustable stators:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Positive displacement, Non-pulsating flow- Accurate, repeatable flow
  • Pressure independent to pump speed
  • Low NPSH requirement
  • Self-priming
  • High suction lift upto 28 feet
  • Low Shear Pumping
  • Max Hard Particle Permissible: upto 22-26mm
  • Max Soft (Compressible ) Particle Permissible: 80-100mm
  • Reversible Operation
  • High Volumetric and mechnical efficiency
  • Smooth fluid discharge
  • No or extremely low vibration
  • Easy to maintain

Typical Applications

Viscous and Runny Liquids (flowable) having solid particles, entrapped gases etc..