Bio-Gas Pump ( W-MAX SERIES )

Syno W-Max series Bio Gas Pumps offer the optimum solution for the introduction of solid materials into the fermenter. They are constructed optimally on the basis of the process for variable fermenter feeding by way of liquid feeding (repowering). With Syno W-Max pumps solid materials are conveyed into the pump via the jaw hopper and mixed there with liquid from fermenters, after-fermenters or liquid manure tanks. Only then is the mix transferred to the fermenter. With W-Max Bio-Gas pumps we combine experience with a readiness to create application-specific production innovations. Our aim is the troublefree operation of biogas plants.

Performance Data

  • Capacity Range : upto 230 m3/hr
  • Pressure : upto 12 Bar

Features and Benefits

  • Good mixing in of the solid materials (less stirring required in the fermenter)
  • Troublefree conveyance over large distances and great differences in height (e.g. when extending biogas plants)
  • Several fermenters can be loaded with one feeding system
  • Optimum mixing in of even difficult solid materials, e.g. grass silage and solid manure.