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Bridge Breaker PC Pumps ( BB-W SERIES )

Bridge Breaker Units are extension to W Series-Hopper Pumps, Bridge Breaker compels the material into the single screw which feeds the progressive cavity pump to result in a steady flow of product .BB Series convinces with a broad spectrum of applications. It is preferably used for conveying compacted, crumbly, lumpy, solid-loaden, shear-sensitive, sticky to dry, thixotropic, dilatant as well as abrasive or adhesive media.

 Performance Data

  • Capacity Range : 2 m3/ hr to 100 m3/ hr
  • Temperature : Upto 150°C
  • Pressure : Upto 24 Bar
  • Viscosity : 1,00,000 Cp

* MOC available in wide range as per Application & User's Requirement

Features and Benefits

  • Available with 5 bridge breaker designs to suit requirement
  • Optimised rpm for high viscous fluids and shear sensitive pumping
  • Enhanced hopper designed for efficient conveying of fluid direct to pumping elements
  • Shear sensitive pumping
  • Max Hard Particle Permissible: upto 22-26mm
  • Max Soft (Compressible ) Particle Permissible: 80-100mm
  • High Volumetric and mechnical efficiency
  • Smooth fluid discharge
  • No or extremely low vibration
  • Easy to maintain

 Typical Applications

40% dry solids, minced meat, fig paste, peanut butter, fruits, onions and many more…